Leveraging the Success of Your Business Awards

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Have you or your business won an award for your dedication and strategic business decisions? If the answer is yes, congratulations! Your hard work has paid off.

Now, exactly how many people know about your award? Just your close family and friends and the people who may have seen it on the awards website?

Many people and or businesses win awards and take a day, week or maybe even a month embracing the accomplishment and then put it aside mentally and sometimes even physically, storing it out of eye sight. This isn’t a very strategic business decision.

Awards = Recognition & Credibility
It was your strength, tenacity, determination and business mindset that got you to win this wonderful award, so don’t you want to tell the world!? Business awards are highly respected in the business world and are something that can significantly enhance the recognition and credibility of your brand.

What to do With Your Award
So first things first, you need to update your website, social media platforms and any other communication mediums used to promote your business, to feature the award or awards. Start by adding it to your ‘about us’ page on your website and social media profiles.

From there, try to incorporate the award or awards within other communication content such as your blogs and social media posts. Another one which may seem obvious, but you’ll be surprised at how many businesses tend to overlook it, is to frame the award certificate and place both the trophy and certificate (if applicable) somewhere in your office where clients or customers will be able to see it.

Aside from these tactics, aim to incorporate the awards into any other communication and or marketing platforms that you use and deem appropriate.

Be Proud of Yourself
Winning business awards is something you should be proud of. You want people to know about your achievements, so when they think of your brand, they associate it with a reputable ‘award winning’ company that they can rely on.


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