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Imagine you’re invited to an Awards Dinner or another big business event this month which is a great opportunity to meet new and interesting people and make new contacts that can be useful for your career, that’s fantastic!

But if you’re not the most confident person in the world and are already panicking about chatting to people without knowing how to start a conversation with someone, don’t worry! There’s always ways to make yourself feel comfortable and included in a group of strangers! Here are some tips on how to get the best out of an event:

Smile and be open

Especially when you don’t know anyone in a room, a friendly smile and open body language can go a long way. That starts from the look on your face when entering a room full of people, as this will be the  first impression you give others when they lay eyes on you!

Try and look at certain people and pretend they just gave you something really precious, give them a warm smile and you’ll be surprised how they appreciate it.

Also very effective is being polite. Look other people in their eyes when talking to them, shake hands, offer things like getting them a drink and let them go ahead through a door. Small gestures, they may just notice.

Don’t be competitive!

Socialising is all about making friends, not about proving that you’re better than others. When you only talk about yourself and show off about what you do or what you have, you’re likely to win the “Most Conceited Person in the Room Award”. Not the one you want.

Ask questions!

People loving being asked questions as it gives them the opportunity to talk about themselves and their business. When they notice you are interested in them they will likely become more interested in you too!

Even if you just can’t make the first step to start a conversation you can still involve yourself in one. Join small groups that stand together, listen to the topics they talk about and if there’s something you want to add, try to be confident and say it!


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